Welcome to high school!

So I was thinking that a lot of people that read this blog might not know me very well (or at all!) in real life. There is more to me than being infertile you know?!?!!! Some of you just know me through my wife. Which means you probably think she’s the really cool one, and I’m the bitchy one. Don’t even pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about. Every relationship is made up of the nice one and the not nice one. You totally know which one you are. 😉 Anyway. So I thought I’d do something high schoolish. Or something you would have done on MySpace. Or on Facebook in..I don’t know…2008? I’m just gonna list some random things about me so you can get to know me a little bit better. For some of you this might make you like me more (if that’s even possible!). Or you might like me less. Whatever.

1. I’m an only child. And I mother f’n loved being an only child growing up. LOVED it. I wish I had a sibling now though.

2. My first concert was Michael Jackson. I was 9. I know, I know…my mom was the coolest.

3. Monica and I met in class at PSU back in 1997. I thought she was the cutest thing ever. But man, she was so cheesy.

4. I can list the 23 helping verbs in about 5 seconds.

5. I was a dancer from the time I was 3 until I was about 16.

6. I played the saxaphone and the cello.

7. I got pregnant with Finn the first month we tried. WHAT?!?!!

8. I only took the SAT’s once and I did NOT that the pre SAT’s and I did a great freakin’ job.

9. I have a bachelors degree in Art.

10. I should be fluent in spanish because I took up to spanish 3 at a college level. But hola is about all I got.

11. I’m hands down the best at organizing. Anything and everything.

12. I can DIY with the best of em.

13. My moms wife adopted me when I was 31 years old.

14. I’m related to President Lincoln, and President Adams. And yes, I have all the documentation to prove it.

15. I won $250 in a black bra contest in Provincetown. It was a blessing because I had no money for gas to get back to PA.

16. I’m pretty convinced that I’m going to win the lottery someday. Even though I never really play.

17. I’ve had a thing for really nice bedding since I was 14.

19. I’ve had melamona twice and I will forever try to educate people on sun safety.

20. I have my motorcycle license.

21. I’m totally a tree hugger…with really expensive taste. I’ll make my own laundry detergent but I’d get fake eyelashes applied every 3 weeks if I could afford it.

22. I wore Michael by Michael Kors for years. But it smells like ass on me since I had a baby.

23. I would be covered in tattoos if I wasn’t terrified of melanoma. Buuuuuuuuttttt…I still might get one more.

24. I constantly have anxiety about money.

25. I saw Prince on Valentines Day in San Francisco. He played for a reallllllly long time. Like almost 6 hours. It was one of the best nights of my life. No kidding…right behind Finns day of birth, and my wedding.

There ya have it. 25 random things about me that you might not know. Well, now you do.



2 thoughts on “Welcome to high school!

  1. I don’t know you. I do know your wife. I love reading your blog. It’s real, and it’s raw. It has made me laugh out loud, it has made me hope for you, it has made me shed a tear for you. The blog posts about marriage and baby blues were two that I really could identify with. You have a real gift for writing, and I thank you for sharing.

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